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About Us

The Question??

When it comes to us here at Petersen Meats, we believe in three things above all else. Quality, Affordability, and Satisfaction. Who wants to purchase overly processed months-old garbage that's been on the shelf for who knows how long?

Answer: No One

Our Story

Everything has a nice origin, and for a family of farmers- that can go back pretty far. So lets start with Petersen Meats. Jon grew up on a farm, learning much while young, and eventually taking the reigns of a farm of his own. For him it was typical business, buying & raising & selling, so on so forth- living by the greater industry. Then in 2015 he had the idea to try something different- cut out that middle man, do things his way, and that's how he's been doing it ever since one leg at a time.

From but a few friends and family, Petersen Meats has grown big; but its core values have never changed. It all starts with our family-oriented view, ours to yours, family is importance to us- and we would never do anything less than our absolute best for family. And to maintain that family approach, we have three views.

Quality just makes sense. It's what everyone wants, something dependable, something trustworthy, something really good, not something off a truck that's been on the road for weeks on end.


Backed by affordability by doing things the right way, the simple way. Cutting out the middle man keeps costs close to home without any corporate greed. We like being one of the cheapest around, because we can afford it without sacrificing quality.

And then satisfactory. If everything is good, everyone is happy, then there are no problems- and that is one of the best feelings.

We will not put something out that we are not happy with, that's just not how we do business. And if for some reason something slips by or we make a mistake, we'll happily correct it.

Meet The Team


Jonathan Petersen


Farmer, Owner

Jon is the farmer who raises the livestock, coordinates with the butchers, takes cutting instructions, and sets up delivery days. He is the Ring Master of the show!!


Brittany Petersen


Sales, Owner

Brittany is our sales/marketing chief who makes all the magic happen. She connects Petersen Meats with the people and we most certainly could not do this without her!!

Meet The Butchers

Butchers are the ones who keep us going, of course. All of our butchers are absolutely solid, inspected, and rocking!! Here are a few...

Al's Butcher Shop.png
The Meat Center.jpg
  • Carlson's is our main beef butcher, USDA and all. Their packaging can be either paper or vac-sealed.

  • The Meat Center is where we do a good mix of Beef, Pork, and recently Lamb. They do some fine work over there. Paper Packaging, excellent work, long time partner!!

  • Al's is a classic for our pork, everyone loves the Hams and Bacon we get back (and of course the rest). Vac-sealed packaging which many are a fan of-

We are always eager to learn about new places, and our butchers are always eager for feedback. You can contact them directly or go through us, no problems~

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