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Welcome to the Online Shop

Please note that this is NOT the only way to order. You can certainly call/text/email Jon or Brittany directly, message us on Facebook, or use the form in Contact Us.


Below you can add products to your cart for checkout. Sort through our category filters if you wish. Fill your basket with whatever you wish and checkout when ready. You'll have to put some contact info in, then we can get ahold of you to figure out final pricing and delivery (especially if you pick something Custom Order).

We currently do not accept online payment due to credit card fees. You can Venmo though upon delivery or pickup. Feel free to ask about a payment plan if you need to for large orders.

When we are going to deliver, we'll get ahold of you in advance to plan it out. Likely we will be using our tracker app which will send out an automated text to your number with delivery information and a tracker (shows the driver's location throughout the day) and an approximate time (based on deliveries before yours, will update throughout the day).

Feel free to check the FAQ page or message us for other questions about ordering/delivery.


NOTE: 2 Items to a 'Pack'

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